Labor payroll service trouble when your employees need to travel? If your employees travel to work, check out some smart ways to avoid issues when your employees are traveling during work. When faced with labor issues derived from corporate travel control, how is your company dealing with this important issue?

Difficult to understand, with ambiguous interpretations or updates that take over bosses sometimes payroll service outsourcing is indeed the right answer. Yes, labor legislation is not at all easy. And when it comes to employee travel, something that is not entirely clear about how it should work … Then it got worse!

How to prevent payroll-related work problems

The best way to avoid labor problems is to understand the interpretations and make cautious choices. All this with prevention for scenarios that may prove problematic and take care of the well-being of the employee during the trip, having a good company deal with your payroll service.

Keep in mind that periods of notice may require compensation

Weekends, overnight stays and other idle periods in another city do not require overtime pay. In fact, this topic has been much discussed in Labor Justice with respect to labor actions.

On the other hand…

It may occur that the employee does, rather, have to work off his predetermined journey in the agreement with the company. Or, that you have to stay at the hotel on notice, waiting for the call of the company at any time. Therefore, according to Alves, it will be necessary to establish payment of additional overtime, for the period worked and of notice, for those waiting times. Read more about Which are the top Advantages or Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll? to visiting

Know that “unplanned” shift in the employment contract implies overtime. And this has to be thought to avoid labor problems!

One thing is the day-to-day shift that the employee was aware of would have to do to get to the company. Another thing is when the employee needs to wait for hours waiting for a flight. And those hours are just before or after your traditional work schedule. This wait was for a long time also seen as someone simply going to work according to general knowledge. But in recent times has generated discussion about its nature and the need to pay overtime to the employee for those moments. If you need help dealing with this complicated type of payroll, make sure you have the help of

Make reimbursement on the use of the employee’s vehicle at the company’s service

The company should shoulder mileage rounds and make reimbursement of employee’s vehicle expenses. That is if he uses it to service the company, which is a cost aid. These expenses may include fuel, depending on the mileage, vehicle wear, tire, engine parts, etc. All this calculation must be done on the basis of those established by class entities such as the Union of Self-Employed Drivers. Being so, often a better alternative is the company hire a vehicle supplier for employee travel. And, thus, avoid major labor problems. If you do not have a full team of accountants, make sure you look for payroll service outsourcing. You can also read about by clicking here.…